FAQ – Tyme 1


I can’t activate the iCloud sync

Tyme’s iCloud sync works with OSX Mavericks (10.9) or iOS 7 and greater.

If you’re running Mavericks or iOS 7, please make sure that “Documents & Data” is enabled for Tyme in the system settings. Go to: System Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data > Tyme

If you’re running Yosemite (10.10) or iOS 8 make sure, that ‘iCloud Drive’ is enabled for Tyme. Go to: System Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Tyme

Note that in the trial version of Tyme, the iCloud sync is disabled due to restrictions made by Apple.


The iCloud sync doesn’t work

There are a number of reasons why the iCloud sync is not working. To be sure everything is set up properly, please check if:

  • You’re using the same iCloud account on all devices
  • You’re logged in and “iCloud Drive” or “Documents & Data” is enabled for Tyme
  • You either use iOS8 & Yosemite to sync or iOS7 and Mavericks. The sync is not possible between Yosemite and iOS7 (a limitation by Apple).
  • No Firewall / App is blocking Tyme’s network traffic (Little Snitch, etc.).
  • If you ever upgraded your iCloud account to iCloud Drive. You must use iOS8 and Yosemite on all devices (a limitation by Apple). Official Apple iCloud Drive FAQ
  • The initial sync can take some time. Please check the sync status in Tyme’s settings panel. If the status is “Waiting for download” or “Syncing…” please be patient.
  • To test if the iCloud sync in general is working, check if new reminders in  ‘Apples Reminder App’ are being synced across your devices
  • If everything seems to be ok, but the sync still doesn’t work: Please reboot your Mac and / or iPhone. This can trigger iCloud to sync again
  • In very rare cases iCloud can get stuck syncing. You might need to reset Tyme’s iCloud data. Here is how: Delete Tyme from your iOS devices and turn iCloud off in Tyme’s settings on your Macs. Also, just for safety reasons make a backup using Tyme’s backup function. Then go to: System preferences > iCloud > Manage > Tyme > Delete Documents & Data. Reboot your Mac and wait, iCloud needs some time to propagate the changes (~30min). Then launch Tyme on your Mac and turn iCloud back on. Wait for the sync to finish before starting Tyme on other devices.



I need to restore data from time machine, where is it?

In case you need to restore your projects and recorded times from a time machine backup: Turn iCloud off in Tyme if it’s activated, then close Tyme. Open the following folder using Finder (Go to > Go to folder) “~/Library/Containers/de.nulldesign.tyme.osx/Data/Library/Application Support/de.nulldesign.tyme” and open Time Machine to restore these files: Tyme.storedata, Tyme.storedata-shm and Tyme.storedata-wal


Is scripting via AppleScript or JavaScript possible in Tyme?

Yes, Tyme fully supports AppleScript and JavaScript. See some examples here.


How do I remove or edit a tracked time?

OSX: Go to the statistics view, select a day where you want to edit a time entry and select the time entry in the list that pops up to edit it.

iOS: Go to the statistics view and touch the top right “list button” to see all time entries you’ve made in this time period. Tap on an entry to edit it.


Can Tyme run multiple tasks at once?

Sorry, no. We think that nobody is actually really able to work on multiple tasks at once 🙂


Displayed durations of recorded times are wrong

If you think the recorded durations are wrong, please check your rounding settings for the task. If you set the rounding for example to 15 minutes, time will display only rounded times and not the exact tracked duration.


If your question wasn’t answered here, you need additional help or you have a feature request, feel free to send us a message.