Announcing: Team Tyme

We are working hard on a large extension for Tyme: Team Tyme. With Team Tyme you’ll be able to track your time together with your team mates and have an instant overview of your team projects total time and budget. Inspect your team performance for specific tasks, date ranges or team members.Projects & tasks can be assigned on a per member basis. All clients are updated instantly. Everything is live. As an admin, you can edit, add or delete anything at every time and lock or restrict access to tasks for regular users.When it comes to exporting your team data, you can use all the power Tyme already offers. Export your data via CSV, PDF, JSON or write custom exporters using AppleScript.

But the most important question: When will it be available? We plan for a release end of this year / beginning next year. Stay tuned …

Tyme 1 & High Sierra

When we released Tyme 2 in February 2016, we also discontinued Tyme 1. But we also made sure that it still works on macOS Sierra by pushing a last update. Now with the release of High Sierra, we can not guarantee that Tyme 1 still works.

TL;DR: Tyme 1 is not fully compatible with High Sierra. Tyme 2 is of course fully compatible.

If you’re affected by this issue and Tyme 1 is crashing upon startup, you can still transfer your data to Tyme 2 by following these steps:
  • Please download the SQLLiteBrowser:
  • Open the Tyme 1 database in this folder:
    ~/Library/Containers/de.nulldesign.tyme.osx/Data/Library/Application Support/de.nulldesign.tyme/
  • Close SQLLiteBrowser
  • You now should have only one file in that folder: Tyme.storedata (SQLLiteBrowser reduces the three database files into one)
  • Open Tyme 2 and import the file Tyme.storedata

If Tyme 2 complains that the file isn’t a proper Tyme 1 backup file, don’t worry, everything is fixable. Follow these steps to repair it:

  • Open the Tyme 1 database again
  • Select File > Export > SQL and save the file
  • Click “New Database” and give it a filename
  • Select File > Import > SQL and select the previous saved SQL file
  • Save and then rename the file extension to .storedata
  • Import it in Tyme 2

1.9.2 Update

We’ve just released the 1.9.2 update, which includes the following changes:

  • Added: The „Show Tyme“ shortcut hides Tyme, if already shown
  • Added: Sync to Google calendars
  • Fixed: Status bar menu in High Sierra for full screen apps
  • Fixed: A small issue in the chart prediction
  • Fixed: Linebreaks for notes in the PDF export
  • Improved: The watch app reacts a lot faster now

1.9.1 Update

This update mostly fixes some smaller things and UI glitches. There was one strange bug on iOS regarding geofence time entries, they just weren’t synced to other devices sometimes. This edge case has been finally solved. Happy tracking!

1.9.0 Update

We’ve just released the 1.9.0 update for macOS and iOS which contains the following changes:

  • Fixed: Sort order for archived projects
  • Fixed: De-archiving of tasks in an archived project doesn’t activate all tasks anymore
  • Fixed: Dropping a task below the last row doesn’t snap back anymore
  • Added: Category is shown in all lists, when a project name is not unique

1.8.2 Update

We’ve just released the 1.8.2 update which includes the following changes:

  • Added: Option to duplicate tasks and time entries (macOS)
  • Added: More date ranges: Last 7 days, last 30 days, etc. (macOS)
  • Added: Total sum on bar charts (macOS & iOS)
  • Fixed: Mileage display for UK region settings (macOS & iOS)
  • Improved: Thumb friendlier menu navigation (swipe to open the menu, iOS)
  • Improved: Made the calendar sync a bit faster (macOS & iOS)
  • Improved: Search is on top of each screen for faster search now (iOS)

1.8.0 – Cluster Mode

We’ve just released version 1.8.0. Besides several smaller bugfixes this update contains a new time tracking mode: Cluster.

When the cluster mode is enabled, Tyme doesn’t care about start- and end times anymore, but records a single time entry per task for each day. So if you’re just interested in the total duration of a task per day, this mode is for you. In the standard mode (Slot mode) Tyme behaves as before and records individual time entries with start- and end times.

1.7.4 Update

The latest update brings you the following changes:

  • Archived tasks are hidden from selections now
  • Equal notes are repeated for each row in the PDF export
  • iCloud sync in low power mode improved
  • Several smaller UI fixes

1.7.0 Update

The latest update brings you the following changes:

  • Added Watch OS complication
  • Timer start & stop reminder calculation improved
  • Multi edit notes in time entries
  • Added 45 minute rounding option
  • Working day length can be specified per minute
  • Completed tasks can be custom sorted
  • Reduced minimal width of the app window
  • Columns in time entries view are more flexible
  • Improved timeout and noted window handling
  • Added clone tasks option when creating new projects
  • Categories that don’t have active projects are hidden now
  • Added Harvest importer

1.6.0 Update

The 1.6.0 update has just been released for macOS and iOS. It contains the following improvements:

  • Faster iCloud sync
  • Faster Dropbox sync
  • Mite backup import. Yes you can import your data from mite
  • Watch app stability improved. Fully watchOS 3 compatible and more reliable
  • Numerous smaller tweaks and bugfixes

Happy tracking!