July 09, 2020

iOS 14 Widgets

We're experimenting with the new home screen widgets that will be available this fall in iOS 14 (and macOS Big Sur). Widgets are a perfect fit for Tyme. Using a widget you'll instantly have an overview over your day or if a timer is still running. Right on your home screen.

We're currently working on these two types of widgets:

Today Widget: The today widget displays the running timer, your daily total, when you've started working and when it's time to call it a day. It also has a larger mode, where you can see your week and how many hours you've worked.

Month Widget: The month widget is kind of a calendar, where you can see your workload over the entire month. When did you work overtime? How many hours do you accumulated over the month? Using the month widget you always know.

Do you have an idea for a widget? What would you like to see on your homescreen? Drop us a mail: hello@tyme-app.com