June 13, 2024

Update 2024.8/9/10


  • Smaller bugfixes and improved internal caching speed
  • A rare crash when deleting projects and tasks has been fixed
  • Added new rounding option: 3 minutes

May 08, 2024

Update 2024.7

  • NEW: Directly assign team members in your projects & tasks
  • Bugfix: Watch app swiping
  • Smaller improvements under the hood

April 08, 2024

Update 2024.5/6


  • Improvements to the plugin system
  • Improvements to the backup restore process

February 19, 2024

Update 2024.4


  • Added category dashboard
  • Added Hookmark Deeplink support


  • The Menubar now remembers its last position
  • Menubar: You can now use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the start time

January 25, 2024

Update 2024.1

New Menu Bar

The menu bar icon has been modernized. It now also optionally shows your daily progress. Adjusting the current timer is now also simpler. Another new feature is that there is now finally a search field (macOS 11.0 and higher) that allows you to quickly access and start any task, not just your recent tasks.


  • Fixed an issue where the live activity sometimes would show wrong data
  • Fixed an issue where some team users would be logged out for no reason
  • Fixed empty CSV files, when the data contained emojis

November 27, 2023

Update 2023.10

New Features

  • Export a PDF with the daily working hours and time worked, as well as non-working times.

  • Your working hours have changed - e.g. from full-time to part-time? You can now enter changed working hours in Tyme. Your working hours history remains untouched.

  • Live Activity and Home Screen Widgets update. After stopping a timer, you can restart your most recently used timers.

Further Updates

  • The roundingMethod and roundingMinutes attributes have been added to the AppleScript interface
  • Bugfix: Defective context menu for quickly adding a timer in the iOS app fixed

October 12, 2023

Update 2023.9

  • Fixed an issue for macOS Big Sur
  • and a small bugfix for the new interactive widgets

September 18, 2023

Update 2023.8

  • New Timesheet Option: Group by day, week, month
  • New Widget: Start & Stop timers directly in the timer widget
  • Bugfix: The calendar sync could modify a running timer in some cases
  • Many many more smaller improvements…

July 04, 2023

Update 2023.7

  • New option Open backup folder in Settings > Backup.
  • Import dialog remembers last setting
  • Fixed: Offset for recurring tasks
  • Fixed: Reminders for recurring tasks
  • Project report: New option to limit the date range
  • Project report: New option to include subtasks
  • Simplified UI elements in the export for easier selection of various options
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

July 03, 2023

News from Tyme

Dear Tyme users!

We would like to inform you that our company has changed its name on 01.07.2023. Until now Tyme was distributed by the sole proprietorship Lars Gerckens. We have changed this: Tyme will now be distributed by the joint company Unit Numberfive oHG of the two founders Lars Gerckens and Margit Schroeder. Invoices will carry this sender in the future.

Nothing will change with Tyme! Under the new company name, we will continue to work on Tyme as usual and are always available for support requests, wishes & suggestions.

The terms of use, privacy policy and existing subscriptions and contracts remain unchanged.