Getting Started

Time Tracking With Tyme

With Tyme you can record your daily working time while you are working. This way you have an accurate overview of how long you worked on which task and what your workload is. Am I working overtime? Am I on schedule?

Setting up deadlines and budgets allows you to get an overview of the already spent budget or hours.

This way you get a feel for how long you need for tasks over time and enables you to create better estimates in the future.

Your working time and workload can be viewed in the visually clear statistics and exported in various formats.

Setup and Structure

Your projects are displayed in the main screen of Tyme, the project list.

We recommend that you think about a structure for your projects before you start tracking your time.

You can create the structure e.g. analogous to the offer you made to your client. Your underlying effort estimation gives you an idea of the time you need to plan.

Tyme is structured into categories (optional), projects, tasks and sub-tasks (optional).

Sub-tasks can further break down a task.

Example 1:

Category:    Client B 
Project:     Website Relaunch 
Task:        Project Management
Task:        Programming
Task:        Design

Example 2 with sub-tasks:

Category:    Client B 
Project:     Website Relaunch 
Task:        Project Management
Task:        Programming
Task:        Design
Sub-task:    Image Retouching
Sub-task:    Meetings

A less complex structure without categories could be:

Example 3 without categories:

Project: Customer B - Website Relaunch
Task:    Project Management
Task:    Programming
Task:    Design

Notes in the time entries document what exactly you worked on during the time period.

You can display the note dialog at "Start", "Stop" or "Start and Stop" of a task - configurable in "Settings" → "General".

Project List and Time Tracking

To track your work times, you must first create at least one project and one task in the project list. categories (e.g. Customer XY) and sub-tasks are optional, but can be helpful in structuring your project list.

Times are always recorded on tasks or sub-tasks in Tyme.

On the Mac:
Via secondary click on the screen (Keyboard shortcut: ⌘+n) choose "Add Category" or "Add Project" and then via Secondary click (Keyboard shortcut: ⌘+t) on the project choose "Add Task".

You start tracking your time on tasks or sub-tasks by clicking on the play button.

On the iPhone:
Tap on the + button to add a project. Then, tap on the new project and select "New Task".

You start tracking your time on tasks or sub-tasks by clicking on the play button.

You can also start your last used tasks from the menubar of your Mac.

On the iPhone you can see your last used tasks by tapping on the stopwatch icon.

The Main Navigation

In the main navigation you will find your project list, your time entries, your statistics, your team information, the import, the export and the settings.

On the iPhone, you can find the export in the "Times" menu item.

Layout and Filter

Each screen in Tyme has various options - under "Layout" and "Filter" to customize and filter what's displayed on the screen.

On the iPhone, the display options appear by tapping the filter icon in the upper right corner.

Action Menu

Tyme follows the Apple navigation principles.

On the Mac the action menu can be found via a secondary click on the respective item and alternatively in the menu bar.

On the iPhone the action menu appears by tapping on the respective element.

Enter Times Manually

In the times screen you can add, edit or delete time entries manually via a secondary click on the screen (keyboard shortcut: ⌘+n).

In addition, you can also create trips, expenses and absence (e.g. sickness, vacation) instead of a time entry.

On the iPhone you can add times by tap on the + button. Edit or delete times by tapping on the respective time entry (the tap always opens the action menu).

The times screen will also show you missing times and daily overtime and undertime.

Your Statistics

Visually prepared, easy to understand statistics allow you to quickly check your total hours, time-intensive projects and your workload. For example, if you set "Revenue" instead of "Time" in the screen options, you will see how much revenue you have already generated.

You also see your planned and available time - based on your daily working hours (adjustable in the "Settings").

Export Timesheets and Project Reports

You can export your recorded times as PDF, CSV or JSON files. Customize the export according to your needs.

You can also export a project report. This is where you see the accumulated effort over the entire life of the project, or the life of the project so far.

Importing Times From Other Applications

You can import data into Tyme from the following sources:

• Tyme 1
• Tyme 2
• Tyme 3
• Timings
• Mite
• Toggl

Your Working Hours

In order for Tyme to display your workload correctly, please enter your individual daily working hours in the "Settings" → "Working Hours".


Tyme's reminder functions make your life easier. Forgot to start the timer? Is there a deadline coming up? Have you reached your daily working time? Have you been focusing too long and need a break? Did you forget to book times? Tyme can remind you of all these things. Configure the reminders in "Settings" → "Reminders".