Shortcut Gallery

To inspire you with how the Apple Shortcuts feature can make your workflow smoother, we've created some sample shortcuts that you can download and try out. Click on a shortcut to add it to your shortcut library.

Once you've added a shortcut, you can customize it to suit your needs. Of course, you can also create your own. You can then access and run your shortcuts in the Shortcuts app.

Note that you may need to allow „Add external shortcuts“ under Settings → Shortcuts. For more information about the Shortcuts app, see Apple's Shortcuts User Guide.

👉 Have you created a handy shortcut that you would like to share with Tyme users? Then send us a message! We look forward to it 🤩.

Triggered Shortcuts – Mac only

Tyme can also automatically execute a shortcut for you based on „shortcut triggers“ that we have developed.

You can also build your own shortcuts that are automatically triggered when you perform any of the following actions in Tyme:

(1) Start a task, (2) Stop a timer, (3) Your daily working time is reached, (4) You mark a task as completed, (5) You mark a project as archived.

After Downloading you can enable these shortcuts here: Tyme → Preferences → Integrations → Shortcut Triggers.

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