Invoices with lexoffice & Tyme

Time tracking combined with invoicing, financing and taxes

With the online business solution lexoffice your accounting is done almost automatically. From digital document entry to invoicing and accounting in seconds. Thanks to integrated online banking with automatic payment reconciliation, you save yourself the trouble of comparing receipts and bank statements. You can see immediately which payment belongs to which receipt.

lexoffice automatically takes care of the correct accounting in the background, saving you a lot of time.

In connection with lexoffice you can create invoices directly from Tyme based on your recorded times. These times are immediately marked as "billed" in Tyme.

The lexoffice Benefits

  • High time savings on administrative tasks (e.g. monthly invoices, payroll).
  • Mobile working via app, smartphone, tablet or notebook (also Apple Mac).
  • Easy to use without accounting knowledge
  • Finances at a glance in one program (taxes + invoices + online banking + accounting)
  • GoBD certified and recognized by the tax office
  • GDPR data protection compliant and legally secure work
  • From the market leader "Lexware" with decades of experience
  • Download - lexoffice Factsheet PDF

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lexoffice at a glance

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About lexoffice

lexoffice originates from Lexware and is based in Freiburg im Breisgau. Lexware has been offering commercial software solutions to the self-employed, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises since 1989. In 2012, several Lexware development teams in Freiburg im Breisgau designed an accounting software and brought lexoffice to life. More than 800 companies got involved in the process with feedback that went directly into development. Today, lexoffice is one of the leading companies of web-based invoicing and accounting software. With agile methods of software development, lexoffice is constantly being further developed. An authentic insight is provided by the about us page with the humorous and multiple award-winning company video.

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