July 04, 2023

Update 2023.7

  • New option Open backup folder in Settings > Backup.
  • Import dialog remembers last setting
  • Fixed: Offset for recurring tasks
  • Fixed: Reminders for recurring tasks
  • Project report: New option to limit the date range
  • Project report: New option to include subtasks
  • Simplified UI elements in the export for easier selection of various options
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

July 03, 2023

News from Tyme

Dear Tyme users!

We would like to inform you that our company has changed its name on 01.07.2023. Until now Tyme was distributed by the sole proprietorship Lars Gerckens. We have changed this: Tyme will now be distributed by the joint company Unit Numberfive oHG of the two founders Lars Gerckens and Margit Schroeder. Invoices will carry this sender in the future.

Nothing will change with Tyme! Under the new company name, we will continue to work on Tyme as usual and are always available for support requests, wishes & suggestions.

The terms of use, privacy policy and existing subscriptions and contracts remain unchanged.

June 19, 2023

Update 2023.6

  • Fixed a display issue where the total of a category was incorrect if it contained recurring projects
  • Improvements in restoring backups and importing data

May 24, 2023

Update 2023.5

  • The hourly rate and rounding settings of a task are now also saved as "individual" if it contains the same value as the associated project
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Mac from shutting down caused by Tyme

May 08, 2023

Update 2023.4

  • Fixed an issue in the PDF export of the timesheet

May 04, 2023

Update 2023.3

Project Dashboard

We have introduced the Project Dashboard on the projects screen. And this is new: This view provides you with a summary of the progress of your project over the entire course of the project.

You can easily check the total hours incurred, start and deadline, hours used vs. planned, the status of recurring budgets, the tasks with the highest hour consumption and how much of it has already been billed or paid.

The project dashboard can be found on the projects screen in the action menu via secondary click on a project.

Recurring Budgets

By popular request of our Tyme users we have introduced "Recurring Budgets".

For example, if you agreed on a time frame of 20 hours per month as part of a maintenance contract, you used to have to create a fresh project with that same budget every month.

From Tyme version 2023.3 onwards, recurring budgets can now be planned for projects or tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. As usual in hours or euros or another currency.

You can set a recurring budget in the "Edit" dialog of a project - via secondary click on a project.


  • A regular team user now sees the entire spent and left time for a project / task instead of only their own
  • Rounding options can now be set directly in the project and overwritten in tasks if required

February 02, 2023

Update 2023.1


  • Added calendar week info to bar charts
  • Added option to create new time entries directly from the statistics screen (Right click > New Entry)
  • Renamed Expenses to make it clearer, that you can use this task type to also enter Fixed Costs or Flat Rates, etc.
  • The notes field in the time entries edit form uses the full available space now
  • The team screen has been optimized to better reflect the member and license state

October 24, 2022

Update 2022.16

Live Activities

Together with the release of iOS 16.1, Tyme adopts the shiny new feature Apple has to offer: Live Activities. Any running timers are now live on your lock screen. So you always have an instant view on how long a timer is already running, what task is active and how many hours you've already worked on that day.

September 12, 2022

Update 2022.14/15

iOS 16 Lockscreen Widgets

With this version and the release of iOS 16, Tyme has integrated widgets for the lock screen. You now have an overview of your current working hours and running timers right on the lock screen. Tapping the widgets also works as quick access into the app. The widgets always show your times live. So all it takes is a quick glance at your iPhone to see how long you've been working today.

June 17, 2022

Update 2022.11


With this update it is finally possible to write or use plugins for Tyme. Using plugins you can export data from Tyme in any form or feed Tyme with data from other sources. The list of plugins is constantly being expanded and improved. Just have a look at Tyme > Settings > Plugins. If you have an idea for a plugin or want to develop one yourself, check out the Tyme Plugins page and let us know.


  • Statistics fix for tasks with planned times and due date set in the project
  • Drag & drop for iOS is now always active when custom sorting is enabled. Just press, hold and start dragging
  • Single day vacation display in the statistics has been fixed
  • Duplication of older calendar events has been fixed
  • Lots of smaller improvements