November 27, 2023

Feature News!

With the new release of Tyme, we have integrated a few important new features that you have been asking for.

Live Activity and Home Screen Widgets Update

After stopping a timer, you can restart your most recently used timers. Up to four recently used tasks are displayed. This is a game changer, because: From now on, you can start one of your last timers without opening Tyme on your iPhone. The Live Activity is directly accessible on your lock screen.

New export feature

Until now, you could already export project timesheets in Tyme. With the new "Daily Working Hours" option, you can now also export a PDF with working times and hours worked, as well as non-working times. As an individual user or as a team. This new export option can be used, for example, as a timesheet for your employer or client. Your workload, including overtime and undertime, is clearly displayed here. As a team leader, you can get an overview of your team's workload.

Have your working hours changed - e.g. from full-time to part-time?

You can now enter changed working hours in Tyme. Your working hours history remains untouched. This means, for example, that your workload or your statistics will not be changed retrospectively. So you can adapt Tyme to changes in your working life at any time.