May 04, 2023

Update 2023.3

Project Dashboard

We have introduced the Project Dashboard on the projects screen. And this is new: This view provides you with a summary of the progress of your project over the entire course of the project.

You can easily check the total hours incurred, start and deadline, hours used vs. planned, the status of recurring budgets, the tasks with the highest hour consumption and how much of it has already been billed or paid.

The project dashboard can be found on the projects screen in the action menu via secondary click on a project.

Recurring Budgets

By popular request of our Tyme users we have introduced "Recurring Budgets".

For example, if you agreed on a time frame of 20 hours per month as part of a maintenance contract, you used to have to create a fresh project with that same budget every month.

From Tyme version 2023.3 onwards, recurring budgets can now be planned for projects or tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. As usual in hours or euros or another currency.

You can set a recurring budget in the "Edit" dialog of a project - via secondary click on a project.


  • A regular team user now sees the entire spent and left time for a project / task instead of only their own
  • Rounding options can now be set directly in the project and overwritten in tasks if required