Tips & Tricks

Create Your First Task

In Tyme, times are recorded on tasks. To create your first task, you first need a project. Click on "+ Project". After you have created your project, click on "+ Task" to create your first task. Press the start button to begin record the time.

Besides times, Tyme can also record travel costs. First create a mileage task:

  • Mac: Right click on a project > New task > Mileage Task
  • iOS: Pressing on a project > New task > Mileage Task

Then press the "Car" button (iOS) to start the mileage tracking.

Organizing Projects & Tasks

Have you got many projects? Then it can be useful to group projects into categories. A category can be e.g. a customer or a separation into private and customer projects. You can filter by categories and the statistics can compare categories with each other. Projects without categories are always displayed above projects with categories:

- Project 1
- Project 2
Customer A
- Project 3
- Project 4
- …
Customer B
- Project 5
- Project 6
- …

If you want to record your times more detailed, you can also create sub-tasks under tasks. So you can create concrete task like flyer, homepage or similar under a task like design, development, etc.

- Project 1
    - Task 1
    - Task 2
        - Sub-task 1
        - Sub-task 2
- Project 2
    - Task 1
    - Task 2

Start & Stop Timers using NFC-Tags

To start a timer using an NFC-Tag, open the Shortcut-App on your iPhone and switch to "Automation", then create a New Automation > Create Personal Automation > Settings > NFC and scan the NFC-Tag. Then add a new action and search for "Tyme". Select the shortcut "Start timer" and if necessary the project and task that should be started.

If you now hold your iPhone on the NFC-Tag, you will get a message if the timer should be started. Tap on the message to start the timer.

Keyboard Hotkeys

Tyme offers keyboard hotkeys so you don't have to open Tyme, if you want to start & stop timers or add notes to a running timer. The following actions are available:

  • Start & stop last timer.
  • Add notes to a running timer
  • Open the menu of Tyme in the menu bar
  • Show / hide Tyme

To configure the shortcuts on your Mac, open the preferences of Tyme (Tyme 3 > Preferences) and switch to the Hotkeys tab.

Automatic Tracking via Geofences

You can also record your times automatically by setting geofences for tasks. To assign a geofence to a task, open the "Edit" dialog for a task on your iPhone. Scroll down the form to the bottom, tap Geofencing and activate it. Decide if the timer should

  • Start on arrival
  • Start on departure

You can also specify a minimum presence time, so a brief entry or passing by the location is not counted.

Quickly add times in the project view

To add times directly in the project view without switching to the time entries view, you can:

  • Mac: Select a task and press CMD + Option + N
  • iOS: Press and hold the "Play" button of the task you want to add an entry to.