Team Tyme

The now available team version of Tyme allows collective time tracking on projects and tasks. As a team leader you can assign and maintain projects, tasks & settings individually to each team member.

Manage your team

Assign projects & tasks individually to each team member. So each team member can focus on their tasks.


Your team data at a glance

Get a live overview over your team’s booked hours and your remaining budget. Gain insights about the workload and working times of your team using detailed statistics.


Team Tyme offers two distinct roles: Admins and users. Admins have full access to projects, tasks and settings. Users only get projects & tasks that are assigned to them, but don’t see planned budgets or hourly rates. If needed, users can add subtasks to their assigned tasks, to describe their work in more detail.

Export your data

Export all team data as time sheets, CSV, JSON or fully customised using AppleScript.